Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spice (Astor Place)

This weekend we somehow managed to have a mini-NYU med reunion. My friend Mike was visiting the city at the same time as I happened to have a free weekend, and what better way is there to celebrate than with food...?

I was in the mood for Thai - given the chilly weather - and although it's a chain restaurant, Tiffany and Mike both had positive things to say about Spice.

Our first attempt at eating here was at the Union Square location, but the wait for a table for 7 people was over an hour. Only 5 blocks away though, is their Astor Place location on 10th street and 4th avenue, where the wait for a table was only 15 minutes

While most of the others were all about the mojitos and wine with dinner, I opted for the Thai iced tea instead: sweet, slightly creamy, and delicious

I also ordered the Thai chicken wings appetizer: drowned in Tamarind chili sauce which was actually very very mild in spice

The sauce was sweet and lightly spicy: Mike and I both agreed that it was overall very yummy

Both Mike and Tiffany ordered the Drunk Man Noodle with chicken: wide rice noodles, sweet basil, onions, bellpepper, chili, and chicken

Daniella ordered the green curry (normally quite spicy, but she requested that it be mild): eggplant, bamboo shoots, red bell peppers, and in her case - also served with chicken

It seems to be a pattern with NYC Thai restaurants to serve rice in a cone-shape:

I ordered the roasted duck noodle with egg noodles and bok choy: there was more soupy-sauce than I expected, but the flavor was good. The duck was also tender, although they were unfortunately a bit stingy with the bok choy

Service was speedy - especially considering how busy the restaurant was. Literally within 10 minutes of ordering our entrees, the food was sitting in front of us. This speed and everyone else's hunger worked against me though, since I didn't manage to snag photos of either Rishi's, Brian's, or Pojen's dishes... *Sad panda*

Finally, check out some of the cool light fixtures on the wall in the waiting area:

Overall rating: 7/10

77 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003

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