Monday, December 24, 2012

Kookoo Cafe

This Christmas Eve morning both Eliza and I were post-call from some painful shifts: in Eliza's case she had actively dying patients, and in my case I spent the last 24 hours covering General Surgery call at a community hospital where the ancillary staff don't know the meaning of the term STAT... need we say more?

Eliza has been wanting to try a place called Kookoo Cafe in Brookline Village, so that's where we found ourselves this morning.

The shop is tiny and quaint with about 5 tables for 2 and 1 table that seats 4. Eclectic in style with various pieces of abstract art on the walls and mis-matched chairs and tables, the place was right up Eliza's alley.

She ordered a coffee while I opted for a caramel steamer and almond croissant:

Additionally, Eliza went healthy with a banana (not pictured because... well we all know what bananas look like) and we both ordered the avocado Parmesan sandwich:

I love avocado, and this sandwich also included some tomato, cucumber, and honey which was an absolutely delicious combination.

This place is definitely worth another visit

And finally to top it off, waiting for me when I got home was a beautiful pair of X-mas earrings and new fur-edged wrap. Who doesn't love gifts???

Happy Holidays!

Overall rating: 8/10

Kookoo Cafe
7 Station St
Brookline, MA 02445

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