Friday, December 7, 2012


Today Louis got us reservations for the 10-course tasting menu at L'Espalier for lunch. The menu changes with the season and unfortunately my attention-span is too short to remember the names of all 10 courses, but I will try my best to relay them accurately:

The amuse bouche was a cheese eclair and corn-bread bite with tiny dollop of whipped butter:

The butter that was served with our bread were shaped like Hershey's kisses:

 The soup course was light with a corn-like flavor and bed of caviar at the bottom:


 Lobster bisque:

 Foie gras with kumquat:

 Palate cleanser of champagne ice with Matcha crumbs and Chantilly cream:

Sole and sea scallops:

 Beef terrine with sausage:

Cheese platter - from left to right:
1. Fourme D' Ambert
2. Tarentaise (my favorite): very nutty and sweet
3. Brother's Walk
4. Weston Wheel
5. Ribiola A Tres Latti

 The cheeses were paired with fig-bread and honey:

The most exciting part of the day was immediately before dessert, when one of the elderly gentleman at the table next to us took a fall, striking his head against the wall. His wife doesn't know the meaning of the word "calm," so she managed to create quite a fiasco. Fortunately the restaurant wasn't particularly busy at the time, AND the old fellow was quite feisty and appeared to be clinically stable. Louis and I - being the humanitarians that we are - helped the fellow up, and after he was seated at our table to await the EMS, we were relocated to finish the rest of our meal

 The first dessert was a citrus gelato with tapioca and white chocolate:

 The second dessert was a pumpkin flavored custard-cake with vanilla ice cream:

By the end of the meal, Louis was feeling as light-headed as the old fellow who fell, but fortunately the elevator had a chair:

Overall rating: 8/10

774 Boylston Street,
Boston, MA 02199

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