Sunday, December 2, 2012


A few months back I was killing free time by browsing the cookbook section at Barnes and Noble (not because I do any real cooking or baking, but because I like looking at the pretty pictures of food), and came across a book called Flour - written by Joanne Chang: founder of Flour Bakery as well as the popular Boston Asian-fusion restaurant Meyers and Chang (co-founded with her husband who makes up the "Meyers" portion of "Meyers and Chang").

Needless to say, after staring at the pictures of delicious pastries, cookies, cakes, and tarts, I HAD to visit the bakery. There are now three locations - one downtown, one in Cambridge, and one in the South End.  I stopped by the downtown location on the way to NYC shortly after discovering it's existence, but given the time crunch I only got a croissant to-go.

Today however,  there was time for some of the girls and I to stop by the Cambridge location for casual brunch, so that we could sample more of what they have to offer.

Christina opted for the smoked salmon and arugula sandwich:

Ameeka ordered the grilled Portobello melt with fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, and basil pesto:

I was still feeling a bit whoosy from too many Chambord-and-pineapples and Lemon-drops from last night, so rather than getting both a savory AND sweet dish (which I was sorely tempted but too nauseous to do), I limited myself to just a serving of the blueberry bread pudding instead. Even though I thought I was being moderate in my selection, I was still unable to finish the whole thing since bread pudding is a heavy dish regardless

 Ammara chose the apple cinnamon french toast: 

Mautin ordered the grilled chicken sandwich (not pictured) and vanilla cream doughnut :

While Ammara's french toast was a bit disappointing and my bread pudding was a bit tooo dense, everything else was good - especially the doughnut which gave Mautin a food-gasm

During brunch Christina pointed out that I rarely include photographs of people in my blog. As she stated: "You say that you're eating with other people in all of your posts, but there's never any proof.  How do we know that you're not just pigging out alone??" 

Sooooo included next are a few photos of my brunch companions: 


Overall rating: 6.5/10

Central Square 190 Mass. Ave.
Cambridge MA 02139

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