Friday, September 28, 2012

Russell House Tavern: Revisit

During my friends' visits to Boston, we decided to have dinner at Russell House Tavern near Harvard square - my second time dining there but a first experience for Jenn, Dave, and my co-resident pal Christina.

Below is photographic tribute to what we ended up eating:

Roasted local squash plate: salad of arugula, fennel, buttermilk dressing, and toasted pepitas

Braised beef tongue meatballs (highly recommended by our server):

Ali's Ideal Pizza: honey and chili roasted Brussels sprouts, house-cured pancetta, and mascarpone

Hickory smoked lamb's belly toast: with walnuts, apricots, and Harissa-ginger aoli

Grilled prime rib knuckles: with roasted pumpkin romesco, pickled apple, and Hazen blue cheese

Honey and chili roasted Brussels sprouts

Overall rating: Unchanged

14 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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