Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rincon Limeno

Today 2 of my pals from Seattle arrived in Boston for a visit, and after picking them up from the airport - along with 2 buddies from NYC - we decided to have Peruvian food for lunch at Rincon Limeno in East Boston.

The inspiration was Food Network - a favorite channel of mine to watch after work - where they did a feature on a South American restaurant near New Haven on Guy's show: Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

This restaurant was one of the first suggestions that Google provided when we typed in "South American Food, Boston," so we assumed it must be pretty good. The place was rather empty when we arrived at noon on a Saturday, so that wasn't too reassuring, but the food ended up being decent.

I ordered the tostones (sliced and twice-fried green plantains) as an appetizer, which came with two sauces: one green and one red - both of which were spicy. Oddly enough the green had more of a kick than the red. Tostones are yummy in small amounts, but tend to be pretty heavy as they're rich in starch

Liz ordered the Lomo Saltado: marinated chicken with fried tomatoes, vegetables, and rice

John and I both ordered the Plato Montanero: grilled steak with rice, egg, fried pork, salad, fried sweet plantains, and beans. I hate hate hate beans, so I asked to swap my beans for more plantains, which were yummy and totally the best part of the meal.

The fried pork was over-fried and very dry, and the steak was thin and also a bit over-cooked.

Jenn ordered the Pescado Saltado: fried fish strips with vegetable and fries

Dave went slightly healthier and got the Ceviche Mixto: containing fish, squid, and shrimp - all marinated in lemon juice

Although not amazing, the food was pretty decent, and the plantains were some of the best that I've had, so definitely worth a visit from those of you looking to be in the area - only a 5 minute drive from Boston Logan International Airport

Overall rating: 6.5/10

409 Chelsea Street
East Boston, MA 02128

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