Monday, July 9, 2012

Super Fusion

At this rate it's not going to be long before I've tried all the sushi places in the Boston-area.

 Yesterday was another scorcher so when it came to dinner, Laura and I were in the mood for something unheated - hence sushi.

Super Fusion is a tiny -as she described- "hole in the wall" place located in Washington Square that has more "Zagat-rated" signs on it's walls than it has chairs for seating customers. No joke - the entire restaurant consisted of two tables of 2, one table of 4, and a sushi bar that seats 4. When we arrived we had a little bit of a wait (approx 30 minutes), simply because of the minimal seating availability, but fortunately the restaurant is right next door to Athan's Bakery... let's just say that part of the wait time was spent gawking

 By the time we were seated, I was hungry enough to start with an appetizer, and chose the  spicy tuna salad: it consists of raw tuna, tobiko, and tempura crumbs mixed with a little spicy mayo. For those who are fans of raw fish, this was delicious. There were large tuna chunks mixed in with the more finely diced pieces - which made the overall texture better

Laura ordered the Brown Belt dinner combination, which consisted of one piece of tuna sushi, one salmon sushi, one shrimp sushi, one spicy tuna roll, and an eel avocado roll with cucumber:

I chose the Black Forest Maki: eel with sweet potato tempura, cucumber, black tobiko, and topped with eel sauce

as well as the Spider Roll: soft shell crab tempura with avocado, cucumber, tobiko, and eel sauce. The soft shell crab was HUGE, and combined with the avocado and eel sauce it was absolutely yummy

 I can understand why this place has so many positive reviews: the sushi they serve is well-made and the prices are pretty hard to beat. If you're not claustrophobic and don't mind dining in cramped spaces, it's definitely worth a visit.

If you ARE claustrophobic, take a beta-blocker, some Ativan, suck it up, and go anyway!

One final thing I thought worth mentioning - even though it was approx. 90 degrees yesterday, Laura still drank hot green tea with her meal * because that's what you're supposed to do at sushi dinner * what a trooper!

Overall rating: 8/10

Super Fusion
690A Washington Street
Brookline, MA 02446

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