Monday, July 2, 2012

The Buttery

One of the most highly recommended brunch places in Boston (at least among my colleagues/friends) is The Buttery in the South End, so that's where I ended up yesterday morning.

The South End is not an easy area to navigate for a non-native of Boston, as there are tons of one-way-only roads and oober narrow streets. Somehow we got lucky though, and managed to snag a parking spot immediately in front of the restaurant: it was the first sign that the morning was going to be a good one

The restaurant was pretty busy when we arrived, but we managed to get two seats at the bar without having to wait. The front of The Buttery is an area where people can order coffee or pastries to go, while seating for those who plan to dine-in is towards the back. This is a clever ploy on their part, since walking by their display of baked goods on the way to our seats got me hungryyyyyy.

I ordered a blueberry scone to start, which came with clotted cream and fresh strawberry preserves. The strawberry preserves and clotted cream were delicious! For all intents and purposes, the scone itself was just a vehicle for me to enjoy the condiments. I was a little disappointed that the scone wasn't fresh-out-of-the-oven warm, but the orgasmic yumminess of the everything else more than compensated

For entrees, Vera ordered the New England Crab Cake Sandwich with a side of Parmesan-garlic fries. According to her, it was probably one of the best crab cakes EVER. The fries were also good, but not nearly as awesome as the truffle-Parmesan fries that we had eaten at 28 Degrees the night before

I ordered the Buttery Breakfast, which consisted of two eggs (I asked for mine scrambled), two pancakes, and two sausages.

The pancakes were probably the best part of the entree: they were light and fluffy, with just a tiny bit of crispness at the edges

The food at The Buttery rivals many of my favorite places in NYC, and was in fact much better than several places that receive tons more hype (*hem* * hem* Balthazar). Highly recommended

Overall rating: 8.5/10

The Buttery

314 Shawmut Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

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