Monday, January 20, 2014

O' Merveilleux

This weekend we stopped by a Belgian bakery in my neighborhood called O' Merveilleux which is known for their Merveilleux cake: a meringue-based cake with plenty of whipped cream all around

According to Daniella, "Merveilleux" means "marvelous" in French, and the pastry that carries this name pretty well matches up

They normally have 3 flavors (chocolate, white chocolate, and Speculoo (ginger cookie flavor)) but when we arrived they were down to 2: the white chocolate and Speculoo

Both were pretty delicious, but I'd say that the Speculoo was marginally better. The meringue wafers in the middle and on the very bottom of my cake were a little bit too sweet, but the whipped cream and other cake parts were melt-in-your-mouth light

White Chocolate:


I also got a sugar cookie on the side:

And Daniella helped herself to a few meringue cookies:

The interior of the bakery was large and comfortable - possibly a great place to work/study if you can resist eating everything in the display counter up front

Now just for kicks - a few shots from my visit to the Guggenheim on Saturday:

Just because I can't resist :) My first time there!

Overall rating: 8/10

1509 Second Ave
New York, NY 10075

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