Monday, January 6, 2014

Back Forty

Saturday I finished my week of working nights: it ends up that six nights is the exact amount of time it takes for my sleep cycle to become completely warped.

Since I couldn't sleep well after my shift on Saturday morning, I convinced John and Liz to join me for brunch at Back Forty in Alphabet City.

I've been here once before and enjoyed the food a lot, but it was a first for both John and Liz.

To start, we got a doughnut to share:

It was soft and airy and practically melted in our mouths. The sauce was an apple caramel sauce with a dash of rum.

Last time I was here I had the Brioche French Toast (with whipped Marscapone and "local fruit"), which was absolutely delicious. I recommended it to Liz, and after I explained that Marscapone
is the type of cheese that is used in Tiramisu (one of Liz's favorite desserts), she was sold:

The "local fruit" that came with the french toast was apples

One of the people seated next to us ordered the Israeli Style Baked Eggs (eggs with stewed tomatoes, red peppers, and house yogurt - served with bread), and after he got a good look at it, John knew he had to get the same thing:

He described it as "amazing" - which is pretty high praise as far as adjectives go

I ordered the chicken and waffles:

The portion size was huge (I got three whole pieces of chicken! THREE!!!), and even after I gave John one of my pieces of chicken, I was still stuffed to near explosion.

People say that a pigeon will eat enough to make it's stomach explode if given sufficient access to food (because pigeons are dumb dumb birds. I don't care that they can be "trained" to carry messages - they're not smart. I pretended to kick a pigeon once and it actually flew AT (and therefore collided with) my boot rather than flying AWAY. As a result I looked like an animal abuser when in reality I had been banking on the darn bird having enough natural instinct to not get hit. In fact, we could argue the the silly thing attacked me!) Anyway the purpose of this tangent was to explain that my tummy felt like a pigeon's that ate too many seeds and was about to explode

Everything was as delicious as I remembered from my first visit, and John and Liz will definitely be coming back. Two converts! Yay :D

Overall rating: 8/10

190 Avenue B #1
New York, NY 10009

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