Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The last time I was in Chinatown for dim sum, my friends and I walked by a restaurant called Cuttingboard on our way back from getting bubble-tea. Pictures posted outside included some yummy-looking noodles, and a green tea chocolate dessert that Jen really wanted to try.

That's why this weekend we made a trip there for dinner.

It was freezing outside, so we started off with some hot drinks. Stephanie and I got the almond milk tea:

This was some of the best milk tea EVER. The trip was worth it just for the tea alone

Jesse had the black sesame milk tea which was equally awesome:

Jenn was the only one who decided on a cold drink: opting for the honey aloe tea

This she wasn't such a fan of... at first she could only taste the plastic of her jumbo pink straw, and later once she got a sense of the actual flavor behind the tea, she thought it was very artificial

Jen (yes - there were two Jennifers at dinner) ordered the Ovaltine. We were all a bit surprised when hers arrived in a to-go cup:

Maybe they didn't think she planned to stay with us for dinner...?

As for the food, once I saw uni noodles on the menu, I knew what I wanted. I love uni :)

Unfortunately, they were a bit stingy with the uni in my noodles. The flavor was still nice and the the sauce creamy, but dammit - I wanted more uni!!!

Jenn ordered the beef curry omelet rice, which came with "butter" rice:

Apparently they were pretty light with the butter, so it didn't end up tasting like a Paula Deen meal

Jesse ordered the udon with pork katsu:

Jen chose the pork katsu with rice:

And Stephanie decided on the creamy clam rice:

Although she said the rice was delicious, the ratio of rice to clams was a bit ridiculous. Her dish came with 4 clams, and a mountain of rice

Overall the food was good in flavor, but very carbohydrate-heavy. We noticed a pattern where the rice/noodles drastically overwhelmed the amount of meat that came with it. I would still definitely come back though, because I would love some more almond milk tea :D

Overall rating: 6.5/10

53 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013

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