Sunday, February 17, 2013

Puerto Rico Part 3: Punto de Vista

Day 2 in island paradise was filled with quite a bit of exercise (mostly walking long distances in the heat), at least for half of our group. It being V-day, we wanted to give Jason and Hyon Jae some quality time alone, and not long after breakfast they headed off to a secluded beach for swimming/sun-bathing/whatever other things happy young couples do in a beach town.

Louis and I on the other hand - being more akin to siblings and NOT wanting to fill our day with the same type of activities as the other two, started off with some tree-climbing at the park (I'm the sibling with the superior tree-climbing skills - as you will see documented below), followed by a walk to Castillo San Cristobal: a former Spanish fort that according to Wikipedia is the "largest fortification built by the Spanish in the New World." For those of you who have not experienced it for yourselves, it has a remarkable view of the ocean for about 280 degrees, while the other 80 degrees offers a view of Old San Juan

... which ended up being our destination for lunch as well as souvenir shopping for some of our friends/loved ones back in Boston.

For our late lunch we decided on a restaurant located near the piers in Old San Juan called Punto de Vista (based on a recommendation from my friend Jenn). Another place known to specialize in delicious authentic Puerto Rican food, it looks quite "hole-in-the-wall" despite being in a high-traffic area.

The food was as yummy as expected though: we ordered the fish tacos

accompanied by some sweet plantains

In fact, the food was good enough that as I will document in a later post, we actually returned to Punto de Vista for dinner later in the trip - this time with the entire group

Overall we probably walked well over 6 miles that afternoon. Plus my tree climbing adventures:

And my older brother-from-another-mother chasing after a lizard in the park:

Needless to say, the lizard escaped

(And yes - I did indeed climb the trees in a dress. With a camera bag slung onto my back. *Badass*)

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