Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kasalta: revisited

...Ok we probably revisited Kasalta closer to 4 times.

It was our go-to breakfast place for our entire stay in Puerto Rico, but given the variety offered there, redundancy wasn't an issue with our food choices

I decided to let everyone else eat their breakfasts in peace, so pictured below are only the items that I ordered:

Beef-filled pastry: (I have no idea what the Spanish name for this was. I just pointed to what I wanted and they gave it to me. Clearly 3 years of high school Spanish class went to waste...)

Spicy chicken empanada:

Kasalta's specialty pastry: basically it's flaky pastry dough wrapped around a cream cheese filling (very yummy - the only person who didn't order this at some point or other was Louis, who had a love affair with the Sancocho stew)

Coconut cake: this cake looked promising, but ended up being very dense. It had the texture of a coconut loaf. Or coconut block. Sturdy enough to build shelters with

Chicken-filled pastry: (I have no idea what the Spanish name for this was either)

It's no wonder that we saw so many runners - at all times of the day- through-out San Juan. Without regular exercise, eating like this on a regular basis would make most people morbidly obese.

On our part, the hearty breakfasts gave Louis the energy he needed to attack a coconut. Pictured below is him cracking one open on a rock in Fajardo (not gonna lie - I egged him on so that I could photograph it and subsequently post the pics all over the web)

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