Sunday, March 2, 2014

Indian Road Cafe

Sunday = brunch day and today we went up to the Upper West Side to sample the Indian Road Cafe near Columbia's campus.

It's a popular place and there was a 30 minute wait for a table of two, but fortunately they have a coffee bar where we could enjoy our Mocha's in the meantime.

I expected a place called the "Indian Road Cafe" to have some sort of Indian twist on brunch: maybe a Chicken Tikka Benedict or Saag Paneer Omelet... but for better or worse, that wasn't the case. The menu was extensive but pretty traditional - from french toast to huevos rancheros to 6 different eggs Benedict options

I opted for the pulled pork eggs Benedict:

The pulled pork was very yummy, but I wish I had gotten the Parmesan hash browns (as was listed on the menu), rather than the salad. Not gonna lie - I felt a little cheated

Anna got the scrambled eggs with chicken-apple sausages:

It ended up being pretty good brunch fare, but just a bit far from home

Overall rating: 7/10

600 W 218th St #3
New York, NY 10034

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