Monday, September 30, 2013

Tanoshi Bento

There's a place in the Upper East Side - once little-known, that does amazing sushi: Tanoshi Sushi. They serve only Omakase, and per report, it's -yes- amazing. Unfortunately, ever since Time Out New York did an article on them a little while back, they've been swamped. SWAMPED. The place seats 10, and in order to get a reservation, you have to be there - in the restaurant, at 2pm 2 months in advance. INSANE

Not likely to happen for me any time soon... I doubt my Chief is going to let me duck out of the hospital to trek up to the east 70's mid-day, just to secure one of these much-desired reservations.

Instead, Daniella, Anna, and I settled on dinner at their sister restaurant (located right next door): Tanoshi Bento. As you might guess from their name, rather than serving up delicious sushi, they serve delicious bento boxes

Every bento comes with the usual salad as a starter (nothing special here):

And then comes the actual bento itself:

In addition to the entree, there is miso soup, a small serving of potato salad, a bite each of two different kinds of seaweed salad, a sampling of cold noodle with vegetables, a shumai, and of course rice

Anna and Daniella both ordered the Salmon Teriyaki:

Whereas I ordered the chicken katsu:

Exactly my idea of good comfort food... and so close to home!

Overall rating: 7/10

Tanoshi Bento
1372 York Ave
New York, NY 10021

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