Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Niu Noodle House

A few weekends ago when I was visiting NYC, Daniella and I stopped by a Chinese ramen-house for dinner. Most people associate ramen with Japanese cuisine, but it (like all other noodle dishes) actually originated in China.

Niu Noodle House is located in the West Village near the NYU undergrad campus, and aside from ramen it also offers a selection of dim sum dishes (albeit at a price double or triple what you would pay in Chinatown).

For starters, Daniella and I got two types of dim sum dumplings:

Crabmeat and pork soup dumplings:

Watercress dumplings with shrimp:

For entrees:

I chose the Niu Beef Trifecta: beef shank, flank steak, and short ribs with egg noodles and beef broth:

(Look at the adorable cow that's holding my corn and chopsticks! Daniella insisted it was a pig, but I'm pretty sure those are horns on it's head)

Daniella decided not to get ramen, and instead chose the oven baked rice with seafood and cheese:

The restaurant was surprisingly not very busy - especially considering that it was a weekend night in a popular neighborhood typically swarming with undergraduates (and the bottomless pits that are their stomachs). The dim sum was decent (although you can certainly get better soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai) and the short ribs in my ramen were delicious, so I can't really explain the lack of clientele...

Overall rating: 7/10

15 Greenwich Ave 
New York, NY 10014


  1. Definitely not a pig. Also, isn't "niu beef" redundant? (or is it just an exoticism for the gweilo?)

  2. Dude... Jason I totally didn't make the connection between Niu and beef... I'm a bad Chinese person