Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tea at the Four Seasons, Boston

Last Saturday Ameeka and I had the chance to have tea at the Four Seasons Hotel, near the Boston Commons. Tea is held in the Bristol Lounge, which looks more like a restaurant than a lounge.

Like at the Taj, the treats accompanying tea came on a 3-tiered tray, but unlike at the Taj, the dessert selection was limited. No Madelines or chocolate covered strawberries here...

For my tea, I chose the Jasmine flavor - which was (as you would expect based on the name) very flowery. I usually love to drown my tea in sugar and cream/milk, but that didn't seem appropriate in this case, so I drank it China-style: sans-condiments

The condiments were offered in a cute way: rather than sugar packets, our table was served sugar sticks, and the honey came in tiny little pots:

Rather than two flavors of scones, the Four Seasons offers one scone - of the cranberry variety:

and a "tea bread" which was poppyseed in flavor:

The tea sandwiches included the typical cucumber with cream (stingy on the cucumber at the Four Seasons) and chicken salad sandwiches:

as well as a smoked salmon with cream cheese:

Desserts included a pistachio cream puff, walnut cake, and lemon tart:

I was more a fan of the atmosphere at the Four Seasons than the food. It was classy - as you would expect from a luxury hotel setting, but also casual: there was a bachelorette party at one of the tables near us. I don't think that I would choose high tea for my bachelorette event, but hey - whatever floats your boat...

(Photos courtesy of my handy Droid - not quite the quality of my D90, but more portable and was the one with a charged battery...)

Overall rating: 6/10

Four Seasons
200 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116

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