Monday, October 1, 2012

Pho Le

Yesterday was the Moon Festival, and while I didn't get to eat any moon-cakes, post-call I did happen to join a few of my co-residents for pho at Pho Le - a restaurant owned by Hau's friends

(Hau is also soon to be known as "boss-man," as he'll be my Chief when I rotate onto the Transplant service next month)

Hau took care of the ordering - given that we trusted him to be most familiar with the menu, and he did a fantastic job.

We started off with two fresh spring-roll appetizers:

1. Fresh spring-rolls with shrimp

2. Fresh spring-rolls with pork

Additionally we had a tofu salad:

For our main courses, all of us except boss-man ordered the traditional pho - the one with ALL the different mixed beef parts. Out of respect for the Buddhist holiday, Hau went vegetarian and had a tofu entree

While Louis and Lyonel got the XL sized portions of pho, Yue-yung and I went one size down:

I personally like my pho with plenty of rooster-chili and oyster sauce mixed in (apparently so does Lyonel - must be a West-coast thing... West side!!! Woooot!):

Probably the best Vietnamese food I've had in Boston thus far, it was definitely worth the trek out to Dorchester. Pho brunch left me warm and sleepy and feeling nice and fuzzy inside (although I think the 24-hour call contributed to the sleepy), soooooo my apologies to Yue-yung if at any point during the car ride home I used her shoulder as a pillow.

Overall rating: 8/10

1356 Dorchester Ave
Dorchester, MA 02122

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