Thursday, June 21, 2012


It's that time again: the end of the academic year. For us that means a brand new set of interns and no longer being at the bottom of the hospital totem-pole, but it also means losing some of our favorite prelim-interns as they move on to the real part of their training. Tonight, in celebration/mourning of Mike's move to Georgetown next week, a group of us went out for Korean food in Coolidge Corner.

The place that we chose was Yasu - a restaurant that has a menu which consists of both Korean BBQ as well as Japanese sushi.

After we were first seated, it took a very long time to get any sort of attention from the wait-staff. Korean restaurants (at least on the West coast) are notorious for giving poor service to non-Koreans, and demonstrating blatant favoritism towards their own people. I didn't expect this to happen to our group though, since one of us was Korean, and another one reportedly *looks* Korean. Unfortunately it was still a good 10-15 minute wait before we could even order drinks, and it was at least another 20-25 minutes before we were able to order our dinners

The food itself was mediocre, but also not bad.

3 out of the 7 people (including the guest of honor Mike) ordered the regular bibimbap, which came with a starter of miso soup:

 Oddly enough it was served with the rice on the side, rather than on the bottom of the bowl with all the toppings over it. It also had an alarming amount of lettuce. I didn't even know that bibimbap was supposed to have lettuce! This is what it looked like after Christina was through mixing everything together:

 Ammara ordered the bibimbap in the stone bowl, which is actually how I've always typically seen it served:

Her sister was the only one to order sushi off the menu, and ordered Dragon Roll #2 (their menu has 3 different kinds of Dragon Roll): consisting of avocado, tuna, crab stick, and cucumber (basically a California roll covered by slices of tuna and extra avocado)

I'm not certain what JD ordered - in fact even he wasn't certain what he ordered - but it consisted of noodles, thinly-sliced beef and tofu in a spicy soup

 As for myself, I decided on a cold dish, given that it was well over 90 degrees outside, and muggy as a rainforest. My dish was Korean buckwheat noodles in chilled beef broth. To this I later added some chili sauce for an extra kick, but overall I thought it was a decent choice for what turned out to be a hot HOT day:

The food overall was far from amazing, and the service was below average, but if you're craving Korean or Japanese food (or both) and are in a pinch - Yasu is a tolerable choice

Bye bye Mike!!! We'll miss you

Overall rating: 5/10

1366 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446

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