Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ever since I went to Genki-ya, I've wanted to see more of what Boston has to offer in the Japanese-food department. Tonight we decided to pay Oishii a visit: from what I've been told it's one of the better places for Japanese food in the city.

I was a bit nervous about driving to a neighborhood that I'm not familiar with - given that my brand new RAV-4 had a nasty run-in with a cab last night... but yummy food is always worth the risk, so armed with my GPS I decided to venture into new territory.

It was TOTALLY worth it

Oishii is a tiny restaurant - no lie - it probably only seats about 10 people at any given time, and seating is only at the sushi bar. Since there were only two of us though and we had headed out a bit late, we didn't have any issue with being seated promptly.

For the appetizer we had the unagi nuta (Louis had tried this before and already knew how delicious it was): chunks of eel with a large dallop of caviar on top and some delicious sort of sauce that seemed to be composed of a type of mayo infused with a little lemon juice and a hint of sweet

As for the rolls, I chose the caterpillar roll: eel with avocado and cucumber, and extra avocado on top - because anything with avocado in it is guaranteed to be good!! It didn't disappoint

additionally, we ordered the spider roll: deep-fried soft shell crab with cucumber

Last but not least, we had some udon, which was probably one of the best udon dishes I've ever eaten - hands down. The soup was what made it awesome - rich and savory and just a little sweet from the carrots that were stewed in it

One word: Win!!!

Overall rating: 8/10

612 Hammond Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

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