Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Pavilion

Yesterday the weather was too nice to stay cooped up inside, so we decided to cruise through the Farmer's Market in Union Square and ended up at The Pavilion for drinks and snacks.

The Pavilion is a recently-opened a restaurant that happens to be very aptly named: located on the north side of Union Square in the Union Square Pavilion, it is essentially open to the elements:

We started off with some drinks:  the Finger Lakes rosé wine and Tropical Sun (mix of fruit juices, fresh mint, and guava "foam"):

For my second round I went for a cocktail: the Metronome 13 (orange Vodka, vanilla, Vermouth Bianco, and Aztec chocolate bitters). This tasted like someone drowned a splash of Vodka with an entire Creamsicle - yummmmy!

For snacks we got the Tuscan fries: (these were thick-cut and filling)

as well as the Apple Tart Tatin: couldn't resist this one since it was accompanied by creme fraiche ice cream. Anything with creme fraiche is guaranteed to be delicious!

Definitely worth another visit

Overall rating:

20 Union Square W
New York, NY 10003

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