Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tea at the Taj

Yesterday Ameeka and I had reservations for tea at the Taj, Boston. As compared to Bond - where we had visited the week before, the food was definitely overall superior.

Also as a bonus, they used loose-leaf teas rather than tea bags (much classier!). The only bummer with this was that I repeatedly forgot to use the strainer every time I poured myself a fresh cup of tea, and ended up spending lots of time scooping leaves out of my cup (...not so classy...)

Unlike at Bond, the pastries and sandwiches were served on 3-tiered towers - as is proper :D

The first tower included the sandwiches and canapes

The second tower included the scones and desserts

Ameeka and I both decided to do the Taj Royal tea:

I selected Vanilla Earl Grey, while Ameeka opted for the Taj breakfast tea

Sandwiches were:

Cucumber and cream cheese:

Traditional egg salad:

Smoked salmon and American caviar:

The canapes were:

Lobster profiterole:

Prosciutto and melon:

For scones we had cranberry walnut (this was one of the best scones I've ever had):

as well as ginger and raisin spice:

For dessert:

Typical chocolate dipped strawberries and madelines:

Coconut macaroon and pistachio rose sable cookie:

Chocolate eclair and pumpkin tartlet:

And traditional chocolate opera torte (next to the chocolate dipped strawberry):

While the food and tea was better at the Taj than at Bond, the atmosphere was less relaxed, and by the time 5pm rolled around, the entire French dining room (where tea is served) had cleared out, with the impression that the servers were rushing guests away... Fortunately, just steps outside is an entire street of good shopping!

Overall rating: 7/10

Taj Boston
15 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116

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