Sunday, November 25, 2012

Belated Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving was my first away from a) my family, b) my relatives, and c) my childhood friends. Instead, I spent it at the hospital: a) trying to determine if the large smear of brown nastiness in the hallway was human fecal matter, b) dispensing pain medications, and c) monitoring hourly urine output on post-kidney transplant patients.

My friend from home - Jenn, worried that I wouldn't get to have a real Thanksgiving dinner, ended up ordering me a large catered meal from Whole Foods for this past Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving).

Included in the meal was:

Rosemary and sage turkey breast


whole wheat dinner rolls, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie (not pictured).

Here's a pic of Aaron's completed plate:

Additionally Jenn had ordered us crab-stuffed Portabella mushrooms which the catering department of Whole Foods managed to misplace.

To my surprise (although I probably shouldn't have been) the food was pre-cooked, but subsequently re-chilled to accommodate my PM pickup time, and required re-heating once we got everything back to Ameeka's apartment. That meant I got the opportunity to do some "cooking" - which basically meant I tossed a few things into the oven, microwaved the microwave-able items, and stirred up mashed potatoes in a big pot over the stove.

Clayton, our awesome PGY-4 senior surgical resident, volunteered his services to slicing up the turkey, Paul made drinks (after one of his "special" drinks my face was more flushed than a person with red-man syndrome... damn my Asian female genes and enzyme deficiencies!!!),

and our lovely hostess was very attentive.

Yay to our hospital families! ...Who we now see more often than our real families...

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