Monday, August 29, 2011

Fozen Lemonade

While Daniella and Anna were visiting me last weekend, we did most of our touring of Boston on foot. Considering how muggy and warm it was on Sunday, it was probably a less than wonderful experience for my friends. At one point while we were passing by the Prudential Center, Daniella and Anna had to make a pit-stop for hydration. Luckily planted directly in our path was this cart selling frozen lemonade:

At over $4.00 a pop for about 8oz of ice and flavored syrup, I thought it was a rip-off. But I guess being cheated is better than passing out from dehydration. Being slightly more badass than the other two, I didn't need re-hydration and therefore did not try this "featured on Food Network" frozen lemonade. Asking Daniella and Anna how it tasted also wasn't useful... after all, if you give a man dying of thirst in the dessert a drink of water and ask him what it tastes like, he'll say it's amazing. Doesn't mean that the water was anything special - just means he (or in our case - she) was amazingly thirsty.

Daniella got the cherry flavor, and Anna chose the watermelon. They looked exactly identical. Same shade of pink:

Overall rating: None

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